Clarisse why did I not know you had a WHOLE SEPARATE ART BLOG omg I am worst friend ; v;ghimuchi

Lol cause it’s like my personal blog, something i will never tell people about…

Happy SasuHina Month everyone! <3

Hello! I see you're saying you're late for Toko week but it just started today, the 11th? c: Your Toko fanart is lovely, btw!reiiryuugazaki

Oh my gosh, for serious?  That’s awesome, thanks for the heads up!  I still might be busy for SasuHina month but I’ll see if I can squeeze in a thing or two for Toko week <3

Mother of Satan...I love this blog!💕abstractandyy

Thank you! :D

Why am I just now following your beautiful blog!!?! Geesh! Love, love, love!kia8088

Thank you!  I can say the same about yours lol, I always figured I was already following you since your sasuhina posts would show up on my dash but i guess this way is even better.  I’ll definitely get my daily dose of sasuhina from your blog <3

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Toko week is coming up and I was wondering if you were going to participate? As a fan of your art I think It'd be fantastic if you could but I understand if you don't have the time for it. Anyways goodbye and good luck! :) P.S Toko and SasuHina rock! — Anonymous

Thank you for letting me know, and sorry for answering a week late but I didn’t want to reply back empty handed, it’s not much but I wanted to contribute to Toko week still.  Hopefully next year I can actually do some of the prompts ^-^

Happy Toko Week! :D

The Jojo and SasuHina crossover...*dies*. Why must you be so perfect??? — Anonymous

Lol I’m no where near perfect anon but thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! Especially a fellow SasuHina/Jojo fan, or just Jojo fan, I love both very much so it doesn’t matter to me haha.  It’s just awesome to meet another person who loves Jojo <3

SasuHina Month ☆ Day 3: Crossover

Hinata: Such a pretty dress <3

Sasuke: I feel like Sai…

Hinata and Sasuke as JJBA characters, Reimi and Rohan, lol I’ve been dying to do this since I found out day 3’s theme was crossover ^-^

edit: changed Hinata’s pose :D

SasuHina Month Day 2: Baby OTP