Happy Birthday Sasuke, you loser :D

Happy Birthday Sasuke, you loser :D

My first keychain!  I made it for a friend :D

You reblog a lot of jojo on your personal blog, have you ever considered drawing fanart for it? It would be so cool if you did. >.< — Anonymous

I have actually!  But if I ever post any jojo fanart on here it’d be of yukako yamagishi and koichi hirose, cause i actually love those two a lot, i didn’t even see it coming, lol kinda like getting hit by a bus…


It’s one of those rare days where i find asks in my inbox, but as i’m going through them i’m finding ones I’ve never seen before…  What the hey hey tumblr?  Omg I have actual requests from who knows how long, i’m actually kinda glad it doesn’t tell you when cause I’m scared they might be months old D:

Do you have any reijin and reika fanart :3 ? — Anonymous

I’m sorry anon, but I don’t who or what that ship is.  I only draw the ones I know, and even then it’s mostly just my main otps that i draw, sorry :c

Day 4 - Vacation ☀

Day 4 - Vacation 

My half plus an extra for the SasuHina collab event.  My partner was the lovely, renoa, and it was a lot of fun ^-^

Daddy&#8217;s girl&#8230;

Daddy’s girl…

Neji Uchiha, Sasuke and Hinata&#8217;s son, named after his super awesome uncle, Neji Hyuuga ^-^

Neji Uchiha, Sasuke and Hinata’s son, named after his super awesome uncle, Neji Hyuuga ^-^

Hello I'm the previous person that asked you about Instagram. :3 Yes you definitely should get one besides I love dogs! :3 Also I'm happy to hear that you'll be doing more Toko >w< — Anonymous


I made one!  I’ll put up a link or something on my blog, but it’s called yo1090506, since they won’t let me have just numbers :c There’s nothing on it yet though, just some old stuff i don’t plan on finishing.  Lol I should really practice doing traditional more often ^^;

But if you guys ever find a doodle you want me to finish (like on the computer or something) then let me know and I’ll put it on my list of stuff to do ^-^