Hello I was wondering If you had an Instagram? If not then you definetlt should! Anyhow please continue to enlighten us with your beautiful art works *cough cough* moreTokoplease *cough* xD — Anonymous

I don’t actually haha, should i get one?  I wouldn’t really know what to do with it, and I don’t draw as often as you guys seem to think i do lol.  I’d probably just take a bunch of pictures of my dogs XD  

No worries though, I’m not done with Toko yet ;D

Don’t know if anyone cares but I obviously won’t be able to upload my posts for robrae week daily :c  So I was wondering what would be better, if I posted each of them separately whenever I finished, or all of them at once in one big post?

afklafjkl!! i did not know that you are the one that created one of my favorite robrae fanart. the robrae mother mae eye one!! i was so sad when i didn't see that on deviantart anymore and omg!!! so happy to see it again.becca-esque

Omigosh really?!  I had no idea…  But that makes me so happy, gosh like you don’t even know how happy, now I’m definitely glad I uploaded all my old robrae stuff! :’D

Do you like RobRae MOther Mae Eye style or something?  Cause I think I have a WIP of another somewhere in my computer, I’ll make a note to finish it sometime in the future ^-^

Some really really old RobRae stuff…  Like REALLY old…

It’s finally here…  ROBRAE WEEK! :D

It’s finally here…  ROBRAE WEEK! :D


shit that jason and rae pic was beautiful manthedarkempath

Thanks!  It’s been in my head for FOREVER and i’ve been dying to draw it out, it was mostly for me lol and i’m really happy with it but it makes me even happier that you got something out of it too!  Best part about shipping a ship is sharing the feels that comes with it after all ^-^

Forgive me heavenly Father, for I have sinned…

I forgot Zuko’s apron :’D

I love XRae <3